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Daba Designs Online Exposure


What is Online Exposure?


Eve wonder how some companies end up on the first few pages of every search?  This is how!


Google "Daba Designs" to see for yourself.


Like Daba Designs, your company can be listed when people search for keywords, key phrases, services, products or industries relating to your business.



How Does It Work?


Daba makes sure you are everywhere you should be by creating and posting...

  • Videos

  • PPT Presentations

  • Articles

  • Press Releases

  • Directory Listings

  • Images

  • Slideshows

  • Web Pages and more


We create social accounts where needed, then post all of the above to EACH account.


And you will notice the results almost immediately.


What Results Can You Expect?

Google "Daba Designs" to see for yourself.

For a taste of where we are and where you

can be, follow these links.  See Video.



Website & More

Websites Main & Mobile

Videos & Videowalls

Creative Design

Website Wordles



Online Marketing

Email Advertising

Social Networking




Direct Mail

Postcards & Newsletters


Personalized Letters





Cartoon Maps

Custom Treasure Maps

Craigslist Image Ads


Children's Book Art



Press Releases

Personalized Notepads

Coupon Notepads

PPT to Video Conversion

Graphic Arts

Self-Publishing Services


Daba Designs, Cleveland, Ohio.  Provider of marketing material for small businesses websites, mobile websites, direct mail postcards and newsletters, email advertising, website videos and videowalls, cartooning services, cartoon wedding maps, custom treasure maps, social networking and online advertising, personalized notepads and coupon notepads, personalized direct mail wordsearch puzzles, marketing plans, personalized scorecards, PPT to video conversion, self-publishing services, children's book illustrations, website wordles, website backlinks.


Daba Designs provides creative marketing material to small businesses including direct mail companies, retail, restaurants, home office, travel agents, real estate, landscapers, contractors, painters, masonry, roofers, siders, drywall and construction companies and more.